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   Truckside Down   
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OKlahoma City
United States, Oklahoma

MEMBER SINCE: 05/10/2012
LAST LOGIN: 05/21/2012 19:12:31
BAND MEMBERS: Joel-gutiarist/vocals, Bull-Bass/back-up vocals, JOSH!!!-drums and additional huh's
SOUNDS LIKE: Punk rock... Don't really knwo what to else to say about it. Listen and tell us what it sounds like.
TWITTER: #!/TrucksideDown

None but if anyone is offering we are looking.

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       Truckside Doewn - Forgiven Forgotten - Add to My Playlist - Download
       Truckside Down - Still Standing - Add to My Playlist - Download
       Truckside Down - Too Big (unmastered) - Add to My Playlist - Download
       Truckside Down - Things eat other things - Add to My Playlist - Download

A lebanese, a white boy, and a deaf guy start a band. A powerful and infusing the energy and raw emotion of punk and hardcore, Truckside Down is a powerful, and uber loud blend of punk rock, and indie. Bound by shared experiences. The band returns together after a five year hiatus. Coming back with a new sound and new animosity. Some bands need more than four members and sometimes you feel it's too much! Well we're stripped down to a trio and will bleed your ears of sounds. Truckside Down line up: Joel- lead vocals and guitar, Bull-bass/ backup vocals, JOSH!!!- drums/pots and pans/ backup "huh's".

Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio, Strung Out, Sederra, Longfellow, The Vandals, The Facet, Bickley, Quincy Punks, Local H, and a lot more, but you get the idea.

One drunken night at one of the guys girlfriend's house everyone was outside smoking, and out of the middle of nowhere the nicest most pacifist guy in the enitre group comes running outside and hits someone in the back of the head with a skateboard, and screams at the top of his lungs, "Truskside down Bitch!!!" then goes in his rooms blows chucks all over himself and passes out. It was the funniest shit I had ever seen.

We don't really pay that much attention to the brand name of the gear as far as amps and cabs go, but Joel plays either his Fender Telecaster, and his hollow body, Bull plays either his epiphone thunderbird, or the Hagstrom. JOSH!!! play on his Tama drums.

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From: Kickdrum79
05/04/2013 10:40:01

From: profilaxia
02/16/2013 07:37:24
Decent noise guys!

From: lynnchaos
06/06/2012 22:45:20
Thanks haha hopefully it goes well. And I swear that story sounds like something that'd make a great movie scene!

From: lynnchaos
06/06/2012 21:03:34
You guys have a bad ass sound, I dig it! Also the name story is fuckin funny.

From: sadsociety
05/23/2012 00:35:57
Cheers , The Sads .......