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   The Convicted   
The Convicted

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United Kingdom

MEMBER SINCE: 09/07/2007
LAST LOGIN: 03/16/2009 03:03:22
BAND MEMBERS: Paul Eve's, Vocals. Andi Schurer,Guitar, Gary Higgs, Bass and Pete Melling, Drums.
SOUNDS LIKE: The Clash/The Ruts.
RECORD LABEL: Our own, Decibel records

White Lightning Cider.Red wine.stella.Social security.

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The Convicted came from the ashes of three infamous Southend(Essex) bands 'The Decibels, The Machines and The Psychopaths, these three bands were banned all over south east Essex in the late 70s. After the Decibels split, the core members,Andi,Paul and John Dee from the Machines decided to get guitarist/songwriter Mark Harvey in and take the music a bit more seriously.John Dee left over a roit that took place at the pink Toothbrush between the band and the audiance, and Pete Melling returned from Speedball to take up the drum stool once more.They played around Essex and London and recorded some demos in Denmark street with Speedballs guitarist producing.The Convicted had a loyal fan base and every gig was stacked and ended in stage invasions with the crowd joining in on the bands version of Ging Gang Gooley.Andi left in 1981 to form Puppets Prey and play guitar in Anorexic Dread,he was replaced by Stuart Douglas(brother of Eddie and the Hot Rods Graham) and the band released the Dog Rock EP wich was played a few times by John Peel but by then the band had split.That was it for 25 years until they reformed in 2007 to play the Southend punk re-unions that Andi has been putting on.The band are now back on top of thier game and have recorded new tracks for release soon and Andi has been sorting out new tunes, Dreams gone bad and Sulphate.(check them out on the convicted myspace)

Strummer/Jones. The Ruts.Cook& Jones.The Hot Rods.The Jam. The Specials.

We were all bad boys and hence The Convicted.

Rickenbackers.Marshall.Fenders and Epiphones, and old kits.

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