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El Paso
United States, Texas

MEMBER SINCE: 07/26/2010
LAST LOGIN: 04/30/2013 22:32:35
BAND MEMBERS: Chris-lead guitar and vocals, Fito-rhythm guitar and vocals, Cesar-bass guitar and vocals, Marty-drums and drugs

a beer bottle breaking over your grandma's head.

TYPE OF LABEL: Texas Chainsaw Records

10/19/2015 09:35:35
12/23/2012 20:19:48

       Stressed Out - Rock And Roll Asshole - Add to My Playlist - Download
       Stressed Out - Leave Me Alone - Add to My Playlist
       Stressed Out - Pissing People Off - Add to My Playlist
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       Stressed Out - Dirty Rat's Ass - Add to My Playlist - Download

Stressed Out formed in the summer of '92 in El Paso's Lower Valley and by the fall of that same year they were playing regularly around town with other local bands like Faction X, Not So Happy, Crawl Space, and Fixed Idea.  These were the days of the El Paso music scene when most of the area clubs were only willing to book cover bands that played trendy rock radio favorites.  These cover bands were lucky if they were allowed to sneak in one or two originals in their set of other people's music.  Any bands wanting to play original music pretty much had to create their own scene by basically playing anywhere they could (backyards, warehouses, high school gym's, and even churches).  Their punk rock heroes had paved the d.i.y road for them the previous decade and following the early punk & hardcore pioneers' example, the bands in Stressed Out's scene didn't wait for anyone to book them shows, create zines, do promotions, or put out their music in record, tape, or cd format.  Around this time Nirvana was hitting big so they were the closest band people outside of punk would compare all punk bands to. If a punk band did manage to play at a trendy club you can bet the band got paid either next to nothing or nothing at all.  Later a few good clubs emerged promoting local original music like 'The Attic', the punk communtiy run 'Rugburn', & the infamous 'Cantina La Tuya'.  Of course, their scene always looked to other bigger cities like L.A., New York, San Fransisco for inspiration and the El Paso punk scene learned from what was already done and made it it's own.  It was an extremely tight nit scene with the different bands showing strong support for each other at the shows.  A few bands from El Paso like V.B.F. & At The Drive-In toured often(unfortunately Stressed Out never did) & made many friends in the cities they played in.  Many awesome bands from these other cities came here and played(Naked Aggression, Malignus Youth, Anti-Flag, etc.) so there was always good original music to take in. During the time Stressed Out were together as a band (sadly 2000 marked the end) they managed to record a large number of tracks at various times in the 90's at Penny Lane Studios that floated around on demo tapes.  The tapes sold at shows for about 2 bucks.  The songs were engineered by Manny Molina.  Later a cd with most of those tracks was compiled and the cd was s/t Stressed Out.  They did manage to get regular radio play on El Paso's local station KXCR on the weekly radio show called 'The Ska Show'.  Augustus, the creator & main DJ behind 'The Ska Show', also played old & new punk rock, hardcore, emo, alternative, and pretty much anything that made it into his hands.  At that time this was the only station in El Paso playing underground and original music.  This was our KROQ.  'Stepping Out' was another radio show that played underground & original music and actually pre-dated 'The Ska Show" but was no longer on the air by the time 'The Ska Show' emerged.  In '99 the band was invited for an on the air interview at the KXCR radio station.  Some of their songs were played during the radio interview.  Friends and fans called in to the station to give the band personal messages and to request favorite songs.  The end of Stressed Out, ironically, was also around the same time KXCR went off the air.  Augustus and the 'Ska Show' tried to raise money to save the station from being bought & the format of the music being changed (KXCR by the way also had a reggae show, drum & bass show, alternative show, and death metal show).  A couple of compilation cd's were put out by KXCR to raise money for the station and promote the local bands.  Two of Stressed Out's songs were featured on these cd's.  Shows were put together as fund raisers for the station but it wasn't enough.  KXCR came to an end.  Stressed Out was finding it hard to stay together as internal tensions in the band were mounting.  Their friend, Joe Rodriguez, vocalist for legendary Texas metal band Pissing Razors offered to get them some pretty big gigs at popular local club E9 but because the band was falling apart & couldn't really commit to anything the offers had to be turned down.  With a slight change in the band's line up and 2000 ringing in the end of the 90's, a set of new songs were written and it was decided that these songs should be recorded.  They asked their good friend Ernie (of Not So Happy, V.B.F., and Chinese Love Beads fame) to do the recording.  The day he was set to record the band only some of the members of Stressed Out decided to show up so no tracks were laid down.  Whether the band no longer had the energy or desire to go on, or the non-stop partying had finally wore them out, it was clear that this was the end of Stressed Out.  The so called recording session ended up just being a few friends having some beers and remembering better times.  When the band members that were there left home that night there was no doubt in their mind's it was over.

Circle Jerks, Misfits, Iron Maiden, Fugazi, Black Sabbath, Minor Threat, RKL, Slayer, Dead Kennedys, Sonic Youth, D.R.I., Broken Bones, Sex Pistols, Alice Cooper, etc.

The name pretty much says it all.

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11/06/2015 23:46:13
It's not a complete history, and, it, too, has a lot of glaring omissions, but it's accurate, and not bad.

11/06/2015 18:16:29
Thank you. There are some discrepancies and omissions but it's basically accurate. I'm on "The Seven Year Locust Return" cassette, but not on anything else. Last time I saw any of them was 8 years ago when the documentary "You Weren't There" was released. Haven't talked to any of them since.

08/03/2014 19:56:41
That's great to hear. I love the rain. :)

07/27/2014 13:55:56
Hi! How are you? My weekend has been wonderful so far. Almost at an end. How is yours?

07/15/2014 07:15:36
Anytime. Life is awesome at the moment. :D

07/14/2014 00:15:47
Thank you! It is nice to meet you as well. How are you?

04/04/2014 00:33:50

don't forget me in these changing times... i want you to be my friend always...


01/08/2014 18:11:37
And a happy New Year to you too!

01/01/2014 01:46:39

03/28/2013 18:42:24



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