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   Rodents Of Unusual Size   
On The Day The Rodents Rise....

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La Habra & Rowlend Hights
United States, California

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If You Give Us Stuff We Will Take It. We Are Really Cool Like That

09/17/2010 13:04:51
08/01/2010 08:48:11

       Rodents Of Unusual Size - American Panic - Add to My Playlist - Download
       Rodents Of unusual Size - I'm not gonna Make it - Add to My Playlist - Download
       Rodents Of Unusual Size - Blood Staind Decks - Add to My Playlist - Download
       Rodents Of Unusual Size - Addicted - Add to My Playlist - Download
       Rodents Of Unusual Size - Envy - Add to My Playlist

The Rodent's Started In 2004, When Mike & Ray (Formally Area 51) Started Playing And Writing Together. At That Time Mike Was In Two Other Bands: The Divide and Attention Span. Tim Soon Joined The Band A Month After Mike & Ray Started Playing. We Came Up With Our Name After Some Deliberation And Arguments Back and Forth, We Finally Decided On The Rodents Of Unusual Size Taken From The Movie "The Princes Bride". We Played Our First Show Two Weeks After Tim Joined, But Since We Didn't Have Enough Of Our Own Songs The Set Was Mostly Misfits Covers. We Recorded Our First Demo, Entitled The Headphone Recordings, (That You Can Still Pick Up At Our Shows). Eventually, In April 2006 Tim Decided To Leave The Band. In June 2006, We Found Brittany, Formally R.D.P. (Rowland Drunk Punks). We Worked On Three Original Songs The First Time We Played With Her. She Picked Up All Three Songs Really Quick and Became The Newest Rodent. Unfortunetly in September 2009 we have decided to part ways with Britt Needs Beers as our drummer. We wish her the best of luck and encourage all of our fans to add and check out her other band The Kalifornia Taliban. We would like to welcome a long time friend of The Rodents of Unusual Size Ryan Pratt AKA "Stone Age" out of Brea California who will be taking over behind the drums.





Misfits, Bad Religion, Rancid, Circle Jerks, T.S.O.L., G.G. Allin, The Bouncing Souls, The Vandals, Social Distortion, The Descendents, Subhumans....


What Ever We Can Affored

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04/15/2014 07:49:11

From: Hella-Rad
03/23/2014 17:56:45
Cheers for the add

03/04/2014 05:07:05
Thanks for your friends request, you've got awesome band stuff there! Cheers! - TMK

02/01/2014 18:18:40
thanx for looking me up 

From: FAT
01/29/2014 14:54:15
hello from the tiny island of oztralia!

From: the losers
01/25/2014 21:29:32
nice tight sound. I love the guitars. I'm actually from the area around Rowland heights CA. 

From: ozzyjezus
12/18/2013 12:05:16
Hey guys. Hope you have a great holiday and may the new year for you all be a good one. take er easy. - Ozzy Jezus

From: thekadt
12/15/2013 09:31:26

Thanks for the add! 

 Cheers and beers from the UK

 --------The KADT------------

 Vote for us to play Punk Rock Holiday 2014 @

12/09/2013 13:29:24
Way ahead of ya. Found you at reverb nation and grabbed the songs there. Just happened to be looking around there at the time so I grabbed em while there. Again, good stuff!

12/08/2013 17:54:03
Dudes, love the sound! Just what I've been looking for and why I joined this forum.

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