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   Psychobilly Halloween   
Back off religious freaks!

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United States, California

MEMBER SINCE: 03/08/2013
LAST LOGIN: 03/09/2013 18:30:22
BAND MEMBERS: Chef Slaughter; Papa G. ; various
SOUNDS LIKE: The Cramps, Demented Are Go, The Meteors

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       Psychobilly Halloween - Lazy Bones (instrumental) - Add to My Playlist - Download
       Psychobilly Halloween - Soul Snatch (outro) - Add to My Playlist - Download
       Psychobilly Halloween - Shroomin' - Add to My Playlist - Download
       Psychobilly Halloween - Butt Tight Pants for Xmas - Add to My Playlist - Download
       Psychobilly Halloween - Psychobilly Halloween (Theme Song) - Add to My Playlist - Download
       Psychobilly Halloween - Die Alone! - Add to My Playlist - Download
       Psychobilly Halloween - Empty Coffin Box - Add to My Playlist - Download

The Damned, The Cramps, The Meteors, The Misfits, Demented Are Go

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From: Kickdrum79
05/17/2015 18:02:16




08/09/2013 11:05:26
Kicking the hornets nest, bound to get stung. The bats fly through the night, the children grip their pillows in fright. Flirting with diseaster, ceremonies to the master, but the blood still flows in full droves while the ritual grows the mistress beckons. All gather to the  portal where the work of mystery dwell, all awake as the Filthy Devils arrive from the gluttons swell. Hell yeah! Is what you hear, but the arachnids feasts on the husk of fear. Though the phobias arise. You have become the sacrifice, Surprise, surprise. Have a great weekend.

07/30/2013 09:08:14
How goes it? We finally put some tracks up, the recording is rough but at least you get a sense as to what directiin we are headed. I hope all is well, damn ts been a while. Stay in touch. cheers!

05/06/2013 10:51:26
Hello Psychobilly Halloween. I really dig those crazy sounds. Your music is awesome.  Hopefully one day we can share the stage.  Thanks for taking the time and checking out our profile, and giving us the add. We are currently working on new material, so we hope to have them recorded and uploaded sooner than later. Surge and I (Venereal) were in a band called The Black Tomb and you can hear our music on to get an idea of the ferocity of what are sound can be, but Mr. E and the Filthy Devils is a very diverse and dynamic project, but at least you will get a sense of our sound. I hope all is well, and thanks again. Cheers.

From: sadsociety
03/12/2013 01:47:11
Cheers , The Sads .......

From: Kickdrum79
03/09/2013 03:21:10