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What Colour Are You? True Colours Personality Quiz

Gold- you like games and competition, scoring high grades, multi tasking, being in charge, things must be perfect. "I need to go to school to get my degree." ie. Bill Gates, Dexter Holland, "Sheldon Cooper.
Orange- you like freedom and excitement, bending the rules, love to party, disorganized, incomplete tasks, "Party and good times..." ie. Charlie Sheen, John Belushi, Paris Hilton, P. Diddy
Green- you like to know how and why things work, analytical, problem solving, researching, observing, inventing, not very emotional, "I would like to find a new game to play." ie. Agent Mulder, Dr. Frankenstein, any inventor..
Blue- you tend to care about people, socializing, you like to help, working with people, need encouragement, approval, and attention from others, organization, you like helping and are a good listener, bored easily by maths and sciences, creative, artsy,

What would you do for $250,000? Would you (You must pick one)

Eat a heaping plate of fresh, hot dog feces--the whole thing.
Giving Charlie Sheen felatio after he's been with one of his hootchie mamas (and you know that man doesn't wear a condom...)
Putting in yr mouth the thong of a hooker with a serious case of genital herpes.
12 days of severe shock theray

If you could jam with any band who would it be?

The Adolescents
Youth Brigade

What is your animal totem?

dung beetle

If you could go back in time to see one band at thier peak it would be

The Stooges
The Ramones
The Sex Pistols
The Clash