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"Come Again." Phrasing--BOOM! Favourite Minor Character on Archer.

"Popeye" aka the former loan shark pimp
Katya Kasanova
Len Trexler
Trinette McGoon

Favorite Archer animal

Babou the ocelot
Kazak the dog
Reggie, the lemur

Favorite DEAD Archer character

Nikoli Jakov
Lucas Troy
Skorpio or other

Favorite celebrity Archer voice over

Burt Reynolds (As himself)
Anthony Bourdaine (As Lance Casteau)
George Takai (As Mr. Moto)
Kenny Loggins (As Himself) or other

For the male ARCHER fans: Favorite one time only female character

La Madrina
Juliana Calderon
Mercedes Moreno
Elke Hubsch

Those of the XY persuasion, if you have a wife, sister, girlfriend, fiance etc...what do you hate the most, when being yr on the receiving end of PMS?

When she goes from Sensitive to Bitchy in less in 30 seconds.
When she asks you, "Am I fat?" and you give her yr stock answer "No," and then she tearfully calls you a liar.
When she starts weeping, giving you the finger when you forget to bring the Cookie Dough Ice Cream.
When she screams at you trying to start a fight.

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