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   Husbands N Knives   
We'll Ruin Your Survival By Boycotting Your DNA

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Newton Abbot
United Kingdom

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Lou - VoxJoolz - Guitar/VoxMcCracken - Bass/VoxHermit - Drums



SOUNDS LIKE: Raw, sleazy, off tune, edgy, political, witchy, PMS fuelled old school riot grrrl punk.

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Husbands N Knives are a four piece riot grrrl punk band from Torbay.

Raw, sleazy, off tune, edgy, political, witchy, PMS fuelled, the band was formed in 2008, and the fire has been raging ever since…

Inspired by early 90s female fronted acts like The Gits, Bikini Kill, L7 and Hole, they have been spreading their very own brand of energetic punk across the South West, playing at various venues and festivals including Brighton’s Clit Rock, The Plymouth Punx Picnic and Nottingham’s female fronted festival Hell Hath No Fury, supporting Vice Squad and Maid Of Ace.


In 2010 they released their first album ‘Raised On Synthetic Bitch Milk’ and have since appeared on various compilations.

HNK are currently recording their second album “Virosa Ebriosa” which will be available in February 2013.


In September 2008 they recruited stakhanovist builder and soul-searcher Craig McCracken on bass and, later on, drummer Chester, an intriguing character with a love for jazz, Dadaism and surrealist poetry. When Chester left, Dave, the ever-busy co-owner of Ryan’s bar, agreed to fill-in. Yet another drummer change in Winter 2009 established the now legendary Mike Porter as official HNK member.This present day their line-up consists of Anarcho Blonde (vocals), Julie Knives (vocals/guitar), Craig McCracken (vocals/bass) and Hermit (drums).‘Husbands ‘N’ Knives’ played their first gig in May 2009 at Ryan’s Bar, Torquay, and have an 11 track CD “Raised On Synthetic Bitch Milk”, which is available on itunes for their DIY mentality, Their first band rehearsals consisted of a PA system borrowed from Matt Shrapnel of ‘Shrapnel Suntan’, a mouldy, beaten up guitar amp and a £65 charity shop drum kit - which was held in place by a breeze block and plenty of gaffa tape…to this day they still firmly believe in the use of Gaffa tape to fix all of their technical issues.

Riot Grrrl

listen out for legendary Shrapnel Suntan's song "Wives N Forks"

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05/24/2012 21:05:44
Decent noise guys!

From: portucaos
05/21/2012 19:46:16
Cool soundz people!

From: sadsociety
10/27/2011 00:35:29
Cheers , The Sads ........