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mem_band OFFLINE

United States, California

MEMBER SINCE: 07/29/2007
LAST LOGIN: 10/08/2010 14:23:54
BAND MEMBERS: Alon, Mikkei, Keegan, Joe, Will.
SOUNDS LIKE: Pots and Pans.
TYPE OF LABEL: Independent

Clif Bar, Gatorade, New Balance, Del Taco

05/11/2010 21:08:00
12/05/2008 12:42:58

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California Redemption is based in Thousand Oaks and has strong ties with the Nardcore community. The band’s style is rooted in the hardcore vein, opting to get heavy both musically and topically. California Redemption has released a full length record, a split with Start the Panic, lent tracks to numerous compilations and has recently released a four-song EP.

Pans and Pots.

It's an anagram for Epidermal Fornication.

Various body parts, electronics, percusion instruments.

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From: amymedulla
10/08/2010 14:53:31
Thanks for accepting my invite!

From: piotr
11/04/2009 06:57:34

10/22/2009 22:02:57
oi oi...wicked noise people...ACT,RESIST N FIGHT!!

05/10/2009 21:38:53
omg!!! u guys r GREAT! plz add me!

From: whisper
01/28/2009 19:28:49

From: XmakimaX
01/21/2009 17:16:49
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From: Sedated
12/26/2008 09:52:36

crazy ass fucking songs!

12/18/2008 09:43:51


Greetings & Prost from Germany !

12/11/2008 20:58:27
thanks for the add

From: 36B
12/11/2008 08:57:42

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