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Loving Life

By: alfoul420
Mood: other
Date: 11/19/2007 14:21:37
Music: None

Loving Life Current mood:  blank

Howdy Folks!Living in Las Vegas, a city based on pure sin.   Looking to get back up to Seattle a city by the sound, (pudget sound.)  Seattle for me is a city of romance, the hustle and bustle of the buses, the confusion of Pikes Market, and the smell of sea air and fragrent aroma of coffee.  As you can read i'm looking to get back to Seattle.  Wanna know what i do? I deal with your car accidents, yep Insurance I do know.  Well with that said I've applied today at many Insurance companies in the Western Washington area. GOOD LUCK TO ME!!!!!The clairity of where I lay root came to me in a dream.  With the death of my mom almost seven monts ago. I needed a sign and my dream was about travel and the loving life.  Where am I going to love life? In Western Washington. all for now
good night folks