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United States, California

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09/21/2013 14:17:24
What's uo, fellas? It has been a while. Thanks for the addy. Cheers!

From: TigerSex
09/13/2013 16:44:03
Hello there! Find us on FB my friend, :)

From: Kickdrum79
01/03/2013 06:26:47
Right on.  I'll try to remember could take a while. In the meantime, I'm gonna rock out to your songs here.

From: knoxes
09/17/2012 10:50:13

Great Tunes Boys!


09/13/2012 09:47:08
Crackin' tunes guys!

From: rodentlord
08/04/2012 12:36:57
Hey thanks for checking out our tunes. and back at ya. dig your tunes dudes! we have all our tracks up on our bandcamp page if your interested. what was your buddy's old band called. also we're coming to cali march13, still trying to plan out spots, any suggestions?

From: sadsociety
07/21/2012 05:39:55
Cheers , The Sads ....... 

From: portucaos
10/30/2010 06:49:48
Cheers n beers!

10/30/2010 06:08:05
oi tell when you put some noise up...cheers!