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   The Pilfetus Project               
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United States, Texas

MEMBER SINCE: 01/03/2008
LAST LOGIN: 06/18/2013 10:21:14

Deze Ryutacus Jones & the Deadly Reclucio Jones in form of the Giant Master of the Mother Fucker!

SOUNDS LIKE: The Last Squirt of Chocolate Syrup or a QEEF!
RECORD LABEL: Space City Death Records

05/10/2011 08:40:59
05/04/2011 12:24:53

       the Pilfetus Project (the PFP) - Cyber Slut - Add to My Playlist
       the Pilfetus Project (the PFP) - Bloodsucking Freaks - Add to My Playlist
       the PFP - Eyes Bleed Black - Add to My Playlist
       the Pilfetus Project - the Evil Black Sewing Machine - Add to My Playlist
       the Pilfetus Project (the PFP) - Black Heart - Add to My Playlist
       the Pilfetus Project (the PFP) - Pill-Driver - Add to My Playlist
       The Pilfetus Project - 50 lb. Hammer - Add to My Playlist
       the PFP (the Pilfetus Project - Angel Lust - Add to My Playlist

....for the Blood Brothers Ghoul Jones....ex-stagehands.....the PFP originally formed in 2000, brothers lost, but then finding each other once again to start writing music for an original cartoon Deze dreamt up in he's first visit to the C-Ward...Shit Happened....but reformed in 2004 to find out the test tube brothers were meant to Death Rock. Got in trouble one night while....and ended up locked in the Psycho Ward Section of Victor Ghastly's Blood Laboratory for over 3 years! Now they've been released...

GG Allin - Rudimentary Peni - the Adolescents - Tommy Prong - Rozz Williams - Jello Biafra - the Cramps - the Melvins - Mike Patton - Al Jourgensen - Butthole Surfers - the Dwarves - Deadhorse - Carny - Poor Dumb Bastards - Spunk - Zeke - the Fuckemos - Frank Zappa - the Hates - Love & Rockets - Joy Division - 30 ft Fall - Dixie Witch - Bowie - MC5 - Iggy - the Germs - Devo - DRI - the Damned - Dead Moon - the Mentors - the Dead Boys - B- Horror Movies - Oh yah, Jad Fair and ELVIS!!!!


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05/02/2013 14:08:37
Hello friends. We are currently working on new material, so we hope to have them recorded and uploaded sooner than later. Surge and I (Venereal) were in a band called The Black Tomb and you can hear our music on to get an idea of the ferocity of what are sound can be, but Mr. E and the Filthy Devils is a very diverse and dynamic project, but at least you will get a sense of our sound. I hope all is well, and thanks again. Cheers.

04/29/2013 18:12:06
How goes it, Friend? Thanks for checking out our page and adding us. Hit us up anytime. Welcome to our enclave. Cheers!javascript:void(0);

04/26/2013 18:02:58
Welcome to our enclave. Thanks for checking out our profile here on the site. Please feel free and drop us a line anytime. Sooner than later, we will have our music up, so stay tuned. Cheers.

From: punkygrl
01/14/2013 21:59:23
Hello!! what have u been up to?

08/27/2012 10:33:52

thanx 4 da add  ..... check us out

man made monster

06/20/2012 06:13:27
thanks for checkin us

01/26/2012 12:58:40
Thanks for the add. I dig yer sound!

From: Foxman
12/22/2011 18:55:31
I am currently competing in Eye Rocks Battle Of The Bands, if you would like to help me out all you have to do is go to and vote for the Foxman. The contest ends on Jan 1, 2012 and votes can be cast every day until then. Thank You !!! ~ Foxman

From: thewdr
09/19/2011 13:11:37
Thanks guys, rock on!

From: Foxman
09/19/2011 09:39:04
Hello and Thank You !! If you have a ReverbNation page, please make sure to hook up with me

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