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United States, California

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Punk Rock!

RECORD LABEL: none now
TYPE OF LABEL: Punk, Indie


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       SPLNTR - GRIND - Add to My Playlist - Download
       SPLNTR - Needle Park "live" - Add to My Playlist - Download
       SPLNTR - Drive - Add to My Playlist - Download
       SPLNTR - Wonder Why - Add to My Playlist - Download
       SPLNTR - One Two 1 x 2 - Add to My Playlist - Download
       SPLNTR - Here comes Santa Clause - Add to My Playlist - Download

D.I.Y. punk outfit from Fullerton , California


SPLNTR is an original punk rock band from Orange County, California, which was formed in 1993 by original members Erick on Vocals, Lieu on Drums and John on Lead Guitar. After a hiatus from performing live, SPLNTR returns in 2011 with new bass player Dean Deal and rhythm guitarist Neill Bedgood.

Inspired by the energy the new members have brought with them, John has cranked out 4 or 5 new songs to supplement old favorites as SPLNTR works towards creating a second album's worth of new material. Dean and Neill have contributed already as well, so excitement is building to debut what we think are going to be new classic material for SPLNTR fans.

SPLNTR played their first gig in 13 Years at a packed house at the Doll Hut in Anaheim California, and more recently a second private show for friends and fan club members in preparation for a rollout of the new lineup in Summer 2011. Neill was added on 2nd guitar after this show.

Back in the day, Flipside made this comment about SPLNTR's sound:

“They remind one of Black Flag and Minor Threat careening down hill with no brakes with Jello Biafra driving”

With X band members of White Mice, Masque of Demise, Animal Camp, Gigless, Submission, Spill, Viva La Cheiva, David Kidd ,Hard Ones, Manic Disorder, Bone Collector, and Fork Tailed Devils

SPLNTR has recorded for Dr. Dream Records and Posh Boy as well as releasing a Split compilation with a Texas band in late 2009.

Erick has now moved on to play in Broken Patron Saints





4 song e.p.

self released


Rikk Agnews Smash Demos

Release Date Aug 12, 1996


Posh Boy Records


Santa and Satan, one in the same

Release date Sept 17, 1996

Audio Cd Nov 3, 1998

Here Comes Santa Claus



Split Comp 2009

A Disco for Ferns/SPLNTR

Release date Nov 1, 2009

OBZ REcords



Punk band from Orange County California
New SPLNTR 2009
 Previous SPLNTR members
Erick Armeson 1991-2012- Vocals,
John Aeder -Guitar,
Paul Hung Lieu- Drums,
Scott Morancy- Bass,
Brad Fensler- Guitar,
Curt Chun-Bass
Jason Seamans- Drums
Kip Dabbs- Drums 2010
Brandon Wicker Guitar 2009-2010
Rich Adkinson Bass 2010
Times Approx. 1991-1996.
Toured from San Diego to Las Vegas to Orange County,Riverside etc...2009

Formed in 1991 disbanded in 1996

Reformed in 2009.

Were Back!!!




Old punk-new punk-indie music.

Pronounced "SPLINTER"







Les Pauls


SPLNTR has 389 friend(s)


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08/09/2013 11:16:11
Kicking the hornets nest, bound to get stung. The bats fly through the night, the children grip their pillows in fright. Flirting with diseaster, ceremonies to the master, but the blood still flows in full droves while the ritual grows the mistress beckons. All gather to the  portal where the work of mystery dwell, all awake as the Filthy Devils arrive from the gluttons swell. Hell yeah! Is what you hear, but the arachnids feasts on the husk of fear. Though the phobias arise. You have become the sacrifice, Surprise, surprise. Have a great weekend.

08/08/2013 14:18:03
Right on, the jams are jamming. thanks for the addy. Cheers!

08/08/2013 00:09:35
Fuckin love "drive" its my ringtone for my phone :)

11/03/2011 23:08:07
Yeah! C ya there!!!

11/03/2011 23:07:19
Yeah! C ya there! Photobucket

From: sadsociety
10/10/2011 00:43:00
Cheers , The Sads .......

From: Bad Terry
08/15/2011 08:38:27
thanks for the add.....Fullerton rocks

08/04/2011 13:35:04
"GOOD! (Demos)" Out SEPT/11'th. Free on that day only, includes album and other goods.

06/12/2011 10:47:35
Cheers for the add guys.  Feel free to check out our tunes.

06/08/2011 11:05:40
Music's Finally Posted! New EP out June 20'th!

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