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   Monster X               

mem_band OFFLINE
United States, California

MEMBER SINCE: 03/23/2007
LAST LOGIN: 09/02/2012 20:13:53

Steve vocals, Christ guitar, LUX drums, Bob Knarley bass

RECORD LABEL: Empty Records
TWITTER: MonsterXband

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       MONSTER X - Personality Reality - Add to My Playlist - Download
       MONSTER X - BIG LONG - Add to My Playlist - Download

EST 1986

From Anaheim CA

Monster X is back

With LUX (Nekromantix) on drums, Chris Turner guitar, Bob Knarley on BASS, Steve on Vocals.


Gamera vs Monster X   duh!

sold it all

MonsterX has 7060 friend(s)


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From: rreasner
08/27/2013 13:50:58
You are part of my roots Monster X

05/09/2013 12:25:48
Hello Monster X, we really dig the tunes. Hopefully we can share the stage someday. Thanks for checking out our profile, and giving us the add. We are currently working on new material, so we hope to have them recorded and uploaded sooner than later. Surge and I (Venereal) were in a band called The Black Tomb and you can hear our music on to get an idea of the ferocity of what are sound can be, but Mr. E and the Filthy Devils is a very diverse and dynamic project, but at least you will get a sense of our sound. I hope all is well, and thanks again. Cheers.

From: Kickdrum79
04/12/2013 03:56:08
It's been a long time since I've said hello... Cheers form Indiana!  Hope life's treating you well - stay strong!

From: MonsterX
01/07/2013 16:52:51

From: The SpiNes
07/23/2012 06:43:22
Hi, of these two I liked Big Long the best.

06/14/2012 07:06:41
Cool stuff fellas!

04/03/2012 23:24:11

"Black Lassie" is so FRANK ZAPPA... dig yur Gonzo style.. do you have an AK? "I'm a Mole" confuses my audible sensory devices...

03/14/2012 12:35:39
Well, I think "Slap da BOOTY" is TOO commercial. I'd expect to hear that song in EVERY dance club across the world. I think "Happy Fuck" is quite good but a bit derivative. I mean ANYBODY with a good set of ears can clearly hear that you're just ripping off from the best elements of FLIPPER and REAGAN YOUTH. I mean, you're doing a good job of it, but still......... "Political Smack" is a great song, but some people might think it's a bit too long, and the guitar solo a little too overindulgent. "I'm a Mole" might be the best thing on here. It makes CRASS and The Fried Abortions sound like Yes and King Crimson. Also appreciate your cover of Cheech and Chong's cover of the old Johnny Stash classic, "Black Lassie" I'd love to see how you're going to pull off half of these songs at the picnic, IF (And that's a very big if) I can make it.

02/28/2012 13:21:51

cheers for the add..

i wanna make it to one of your shows some day, you guys are rad

From: sadsociety
11/21/2011 00:35:30
Cheers , The Sads ........

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