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Heart and Soul ...One will Burn.

mem_fan OFFLINE
31 years old
United States, Indiana

JOB: Retired
HEIGHT: 5'9"
KIDS: I am a kid!
INCOME: $45,000 - $60,000
EDUCATION: Some College
DRINK: Socially
MEMBER SINCE: 02/13/2012
LAST LOGIN: 10/04/2015 16:32:29



  My Fall/Winter 2015 soundtrack (so far):

Alais Clay, Anthrax, Arroyo Deathmatch, Atrocity Solution, Atomic Leopards, Bad Religion, Beng Beng Cocktail, Billy Joe Shaver, Blind Cats, Blueprint, Bob Dylan, Brother Ali, Cerebral Ballzy, Citizen Fish, Choking Victim, Chuck Berry, Chumbawamba, Comus, Cop On Fire, Corrosion Of Conformity, Cradle Of Filth, Daemonia Nymphe, Days N’ Daze, Death in June, Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-Fonics, Desmond Dekker, Dr. Hook, Duane Peters & The Great Unwashed, Dwight Yoakam, Eddie Cochran, Einherjer, Fear Factory, Ghetto Blaster, Ginger Baker, Gogol Bordello, Helmet, Immortal Technique, Inner Terrestrials, Jake Bugg, Jeff Bridges & The Abiders, Jenny Woo, Johnny Cash, Larry & His Flask, Leftover Crack, Merle Haggard, Ministry, Neco Case, Necromantix, New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Night Birds, Nostalghia, Off!, Officer Down, Outkast, Payday Monsanto, Phil Ochs, Psalters, Rebel Inc., Reina Del Cid, Roky Erickson, Sepultura, Sixteen Horsepower, Sons of Perdition, Southern Culture On The Skids, Stiff Little Fingers, Subhumans, Sweatshop Union, Switchblade Cheetah, Thantaos, The Almighty Howlers, The Black Halos, The Gruesomes,  Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, The Men Who Will Not Be Named For Nothing, The Pinkerton Thugs, The Ramones, The Replacements, The Undertones, Thee Infidels, Tom Waits, Two Star Symphony, Union Avenue, United Steel Workers of Montreal, Violets, Walden, Waylon Jennings. 


Third Street Dive (Louisville, KY)


Radio Radio (Indianapolis, IN)


The Firehouse (Lima, OH)


Melody Inn (Indianapolis, IN)


Mac's Bar (Lancing, MI)


The Tiger Room (Fort Wayne, IN)


Mulligan's Pub (Grand Rapids, MI)


Small's (Detroit, MI)


The Green Lantern (Lexington, KY)


The Shrunken Head (Columbus, OH)


The Brass Rail (Fort Wayne, IN)


Watch TV. Enjoy the slightly groggy, hyper suggestible, trance like, alpha wave active, state of mind thanks to a..
..scientifically dialed in flicker rate.

____Aqua Buddha____

Read books.
Books rule, OK.
Some interesting book related websites,
What do YOU like to read?

Our lives are our movies.


  What is your movie about?

06/18/2015 07:26:03

 In 'real life' I’m generally a grouchy, passive aggressive, anti-social, introverted, mischievous, anarchic, and irreverent yet loveable contrarian.


My interests include: Speculating, daydreaming, not being what normal people call normal, creative expression through various arts and crafts including performing and recording music. I like NHL ice hockey while recognizing it is mostly a scam. I’m interested in the liberty movement, the occupy movement, global populist movements of varying political stripe, I like ideas, I get my kicks and I take my lumps. I’m a bit of an anarcho-futurist philosophy junky; Anti-Communist, Anti Socialist and Anti-Fascist. Modern free and green energy technologies research and development fascinate me although I speak very little of the math. I enjoy the twin ology's mytho and theo and their cousin’s paranormal studies, UFO research, and the "bringing to light" of ancient arcane knowledge. I like being entertained by the conspiracy wacko birds and truthers of the world. I grew up on Star Trek and X-Files.

I seek to practice (and often fail…sorry) an honest, non-judgmental Christian charity with a humble tolerance of the peaceful habits of all my sentient neighbors.     

I feel a great cosmic debt owed to the honor and memory of all people everywhere who fought the good fight for the well-being of the common people and indigenous people and who work now for a world-wide renaissance of human empowerment. Any state, any entity, any ideology, which fails to recognize the rights, the dignity, the worth of humankind, such things are morally obsolete and I do NOT consent to their rule. Call me stubborn but these are my ways and if you don’t like them, I‘ve got others.


...and after all these years I still enjoy that punk rock and roll.


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10/02/2015 13:23:38
I know, I love it! Thank you for the sentiment. xx *HUGS*

From: geoha13
10/02/2015 10:58:11
listen to this

10/02/2015 08:35:44
Thanks man

10/02/2015 05:12:40

Thanx for the heads up..Life's been happening while we make other plans.. as Joe Strummer would say


09/14/2015 07:38:24
I was going to comment back with something but then I was like I don't know his/your name lol =/    

09/01/2015 19:05:13
Ello! It's been awhile.... hope you have a swell September! 

08/17/2015 23:31:39
Been years LOL

08/10/2015 19:28:35
I see you. Put on some pants! =)

08/07/2015 09:39:40
Hey there! ~ 

08/01/2015 21:16:17

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