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I always lie . . . and I'm always right.

mem_fan OFFLINE
35 years old
United States, Indiana

DATING STATUS: Fooling around
BODY TYPE: Little extra
JOB: Bum
HEIGHT: 5'8"
INCOME: WORK? F- that!
EDUCATION: Street Smart
MEMBER SINCE: 02/13/2012
LAST LOGIN: 07/17/2014 05:57:32

___________Rebel Inc.___________
_________ The King Blues__________
___________Alias Clay___________

Third Street Dive (Louisville, KY)


Radio Radio (Indianapolis, IN)


Pyramid Scheme (Grand Rapids, MI)


The Firehouse (Lima, OH)


Melody Inn (Indianapolis, IN)


Rumba Cafe (Columbus, OH)


Beatnik's Cafe (Marion, IN)


Mac's Bar (Lancing, MI)


Red Line Tap (Chicago, IL)


The Tiger Room (Fort Wayne, IN)


The Heorot (Muncie, IN) 


Doc's Music Hall (Muncie, IN) 


Mulligan's Pub (Grand Rapids, MI)


Small's (Detroit, MI)


The Green Lantern (Lexington, KY)


The Shrunken Head (Columbus, OH)


Rock House Cafe (Indianapolis, IN) 


The Brass Rail (Fort Wayne, IN)



   It's a Matter of Survival


~ Bill Watterson ~
American artist and author of Calvin and Hobbes
______________Dear Mr. Watterson Trailer______________

Freedom! by Adam Kokesh

Storm Clouds Gathering

__________Revolution: An Instruction Manual__________


Joy Camp

____________Dial P for Paranoia____________

07/20/2014 02:19:38
02/28/2014 15:20:31

In 'real life' I’m generally a grouchy, passive aggressive, anti-social, introverted, mischievous, anarchic, and irreverent yet loveable contrarian.

I am interested in matters relating to Individualism, Voluntaryism and Free Association, rather than Coercive Collectivism and a top-down Centrally Planned society.

I seek to practice Christian charity with a humble tolerance of others peaceful habits.   

I honor the memory of all people everywhere who fought the good fight for the rights, safety and comfort of the lower classes and for a world wide renaissance of human empowerment.

Listening to whistle blowing muck talkers on the net/radio is a popular pastime of mine, that and staying abreast of all the latest videos from the paranormal, UFO, occult, science and conspiracy wacko birds out there.

And after all these years I still enjoy that punk rock and roll passion.

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07/21/2014 20:05:48
Absolutely. :) Great stuff.

07/21/2014 15:32:05
Outside of YouTube, I go to and to watch shows or shorts. You can find just about anything in another language on Dailymotion. I tried Metacafe, but found it to be mostly reposts of videos already on Youtube, which I think happens on a lot of video sites. If you are looking for some cheap laughs, ..the name says it There are some nice folks out there who stream shows on their blogs or websites, I'm still looking around on those. Hope this was somewhat helpful. :)

07/21/2014 14:54:57
Thanks again Kickdrum79! That is really nice to hear!!!Especially for accent! Trying to do it naturally for each record time! 

07/21/2014 13:57:37
Usually i record all parts of guitars, bass and vox. For this i recorded solo and rythm, give bass to my friend and add scream vox (the Slurm man). Then give track to mixing! I think it worked well for track! Thanks for listening!)

07/21/2014 13:53:00

Thanks! But what cover? Last one? )

I like Pet Sematary. Do it after my cat is dead... just for friend. (

07/21/2014 12:06:00
Yes. There is nothing to add! Only the words of a Ramones song: Stop this crazy carrying on. It's gonna be the death of me. It's gonna be the end you see. It's gonna be the death of me

07/20/2014 22:01:43
Thanks :)! What tracks did you listen that you liked?too becuz some i actually mashed up from other artist that are not me i have a variety of stuff with stuff i just play or some with no vocals.

07/20/2014 21:20:05
Same, we'll see.. Are you pumped for the new Weezer album orrr?

07/20/2014 11:58:41
We dont know! There are to many liar info on this! But for me it a shame that they try to do political speculations on tradedy with their dead citizens.

07/19/2014 23:35:55
I'm super psyched for it! My dad has doubts, he says that it could be their sellout album, but I have faith. :) Nothing quite like Pink Floyd

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