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35 years old
United States, Indiana

DATING STATUS: Fooling around
BODY TYPE: Little extra
JOB: Bum
HEIGHT: 5'8"
INCOME: WORK? F- that!
EDUCATION: Street Smart
MEMBER SINCE: 02/13/2012
LAST LOGIN: 10/02/2014 17:25:39

_________Blind Cats_________
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Third Street Dive (Louisville, KY)


Radio Radio (Indianapolis, IN)


Pyramid Scheme (Grand Rapids, MI)


The Firehouse (Lima, OH)


Melody Inn (Indianapolis, IN)


Rumba Cafe (Columbus, OH)


Beatnik's Cafe (Marion, IN)


Mac's Bar (Lancing, MI)


Red Line Tap (Chicago, IL)


The Tiger Room (Fort Wayne, IN)


The Heorot (Muncie, IN) 


Doc's Music Hall (Muncie, IN) 


Mulligan's Pub (Grand Rapids, MI)


Small's (Detroit, MI)


The Green Lantern (Lexington, KY)


The Shrunken Head (Columbus, OH)


Rock House Cafe (Indianapolis, IN) 


The Brass Rail (Fort Wayne, IN)


~ The Headstones ~
Canadian Rock 'n' Roll Punks
________The Headstones on Hockey Night in Canada________

Police State USA by Cheryl Chumley

The Other F Word

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10/24/2014 23:48:38
09/24/2014 02:21:36

In 'real life' I’m generally a grouchy, passive aggressive, anti-social, introverted, mischievous, anarchic, and irreverent yet loveable contrarian.

My interests include: Performing and recording music (drums and vocals). NHL ice hockey. Libertarian movement, occupy movement, global populist movements, anarcho-futurist philosophy junky, Anti-Communist and Anti-Fascist, free energy and green energy technology. The twin ology's mytho and theo, paranormal studies, UFO research, the "bringing to light" of ancient occult knowledge, being entertained by the conspiracy wacko birds and truthers of the world.

I seek to practice a Christian charity with a humble tolerance of the peaceful habits of all.   

I honor the memory of all people everywhere who fought the good fight for the well being of the common people and indigenous people and who live now for a world wide renaissance of human empowerment.

And after all these years I still enjoy that punk rock and roll.

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From: solak
10/25/2014 00:57:57
I grew up in northeast Ohio, with no team then I had to find one.  My brother was a Bruins fan and we had one of those 12 foot satellite dishes you had to hand crank to move...anyway we picked up a Canadian satellite and got all the Montreal games so I've been a fan of them since the early 80s.  Since then I have followed Columbus since they got their team and now I follow the Wild since I have lived here and am a season ticket holder.  Next to music, hockey is my other pleasure.  But yes, this is a punk music forum....feel free to message or comment freely, esp at night....I work at a prison overnights and have a lot of downtime so I have been spending a lot of time looking up music and now spend a lot of time looking around on here.

From: mepurfield
10/23/2014 11:29:18
Wrote many, then stopped in 2001. Did some write for hire work but nothing produced. Low budget shit. Razor Sharp has shown interest in one of my specs but haven't signed anything yet. Books are mores satisfying,

10/19/2014 04:11:20
I just found out about them last night myself. Affiliated with the Blackhawks which kind of sucks but more Indiana hockey makes for a happy Russ :)

10/18/2014 19:35:28

From: mepurfield
10/18/2014 03:29:13
You so crazy!

10/14/2014 17:26:30
that's cool Joe, no problem *hugs*

09/26/2014 21:40:30

09/21/2014 10:22:19

09/15/2014 10:31:09
Hello. :)

09/14/2014 14:13:07

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