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   Dirty Toilets   
        PUNK /Oi!
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Steinkjer Punkrock City

MEMBER SINCE: 05/04/2008
LAST LOGIN: 04/28/2012 01:41:53

dirty fisherman - guitar/add. vocal

odda - lead vocal

anti - bass

kjello - drums/add. vocal

SOUNDS LIKE: Quantcast
RECORD LABEL: unsigned


05/06/2008 05:17:37

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       Dirty Toilets - Up Yours! - Add to My Playlist - Download
       Dirty Toilets - Let's Fuck Em Down - Add to My Playlist - Download

Dirty Toilets rised and shined in november 2003... For several years the idea has been there, but it never seems to happened. 

Never the less... in late 2003 the time was right. We bought us instruments and started the songwriting and rehearsals... after the first gig to try out our first tunes we got good feedback. The songwriting was speeded up... and a year after the startup our first CD was released. Several gigs has been performed and you lot seems to like our tunes...

It's back to basic punk/OI... may it last...

2004 - Up From A Toilet - self release


2011 - Steinkjer Pønkrock Shitty - SPRC compilation

2009 - Punk Kills Vol. 7 - Punk compilation - 272 records (US)

2006 - Nothing Set In Stone - Punk compilation - Thunk Records (UK)

2005 - D Bi'e Ja - Steinkjer Rock compilation



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Special Duties, The Partisans, Ejected, Riot Squad, Exploited.

There are a lot of dirty public toilets around.... everyewhere! Have'nt you seen??

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From: sadsociety
12/03/2011 05:53:46
Cheers , The Sads ........

From: banalanal
01/28/2011 09:53:56
Tack själva!!!Era låtar jävligt bra...skål!!!

01/27/2011 08:06:16
eeehej!:) Thanx for the friendship!!! Greetings from Serbia...

From: amymedulla
12/03/2010 06:41:47
Thank you for accepting my invitation!

10/07/2010 01:18:04
Thank you for the add!

From: schlingelz
10/04/2010 15:26:36
Greets to Norway!

08/02/2010 22:39:10
Nice one people! ta

07/17/2010 09:18:18

Can that still be arranged ; ) LOL anyways so i went to a GBH show 2 days ago it was FUCKING AWESOME, they rocked out with their cocks out man ... so when you guys coming to toronto eh ... i know i keep bugging you but i mean COME ON!!!

07/02/2010 21:35:14
ahahahaha sorry man I was meaning to save myself for you but different countries and all just couldnt contain it. But thats good that you're working on new stuff and new line up ?!?!?! These guys better be as good as the last guys or Im gonna have to find a new band to love hahaha just kidding.

06/21/2010 09:29:29
hey guys saying a big hello from canada !!! How have you guys been ?? Any new shows ??  Ive got some pretty big news lol Ive got a wee'in on the way 3 months preggers to be exact

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