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DEMOB is a British punk rock band from Gloucester.Formed in late 1978 by Terry Elcock and Johnny Melfah in Coney Hill, Gloucester. UK and the band is recognised as one of the first multicultural punk bands that released records in punk rock music.
Demob first recording members 1980:
Mark Smith (vocals)
Terry Elcock (guitar)
Paul Price & Barry Philips (bass guitar)
Johnny Melfah (drums)
DEMOB's first big break came in the summer of 1979 when they fooled the authorities into letting them have a place in the Gloucester annual carnival parade. The ever-increasing support for the band resulted in a mass riot between the punks and the bikers and, ultimately, the suspension of the carnival. The riot made national press and attracted the interest of the local record label, Round Ear Records.Anti-Police was DEMOB's first release on Round Ear Records, an independent record label, and then the late John Peel and Garry Bushell, who both enjoyed the serious undertones of the lyrics, promoted this.On the back of the success of Anti-Police,
DEMOB supported many acts around the punk circuit at this time, including U2, UK SUBS, The Angelic Upstarts, Discharge and The Beat. Most performances ended with a police presence and inevitable violence with their notorious hardcore followers, the Demob Riot Squad. A second single, "No Room For You" quickly followed to add to the success and this song is known internationally as the anthem of Demob through its inclusion on the Punk and Disorderly 33 rpm album.
Unfortunately, like so many punk acts of the era, musical differences soon developed amongst the line up and DEMOB split in 1982 to pursue other musical avenues.
In September 2002, Terry Elcock reformed DEMOB with a revised line-up to tour the United States of America, Japan and Europe.
The 2002 revised line-up consisted of:
Terry Elcock (Guitar)
Andrew K (Vocal)
Richard Baldwin (Bass)
Timothy Howkins (Drums)
(The revised line up were involved in recording * below) 
In October 2007 Demob officially disbanded and Andrew K went on to set-up a "Tribute Band" to the original DEMOB formed by Terry Elcock and Johnny Melfah.
DEMOB official releases:
Anti Police - Round Ear Records 45rpm Vinyl
No Room For You - Round Ear Records 45rpm Vinyl
Better Late Than Never - Amber Records CD Album
Contractual Obligations - Grand Theft Audio CD Album*
If It Ain't Punk It Don't Rock - Amber Records CD Album*
*Live In Japan - Sanction Release Studios DVD *
Crime Through Time - Punk Records .com 33rpm Vinyl*
The band are featured in books:
Burning Britain The History of Punk 1980 - 1984 by Ian Glasper
Punk Rock an Oral History by John Robb
For information about obtaining all rare limited edition albums email

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From: sadsociety
12/14/2011 00:41:30
Cheers , The Sads ........

07/02/2011 16:53:06
Great band!

From: profilaxia
05/01/2011 16:46:14
Wicked soundz lads!

From: schlingelz
09/05/2010 06:51:21
Thank you!

From: portucaos
08/11/2010 21:17:20
great stuff...thanx for having us...

11/25/2009 05:43:00
oi oi..great band,we've been fans since '82 and they were a source of inspiration to us along with CRASS,DISCHARGE,etc...why aint there any songs here then?...cheers 4d add...ACT,RESIST N FIGHT!