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DOGS BOLLOCKS (Basel - Switzerland)

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MEMBER SINCE: 09/21/2008
LAST LOGIN: 01/21/2012 19:03:11

Matthew - vocals

Kid Kristal - guitar/backing-vocals

St. Sebastian - bass / backing-vocals

Hede - drums

SOUNDS LIKE: Rock / Punk-Rock

09/23/2008 06:13:51

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A extraordinary Rock’n’Roll anventure In 2006 Kid Krystal (Bitch Queens), Hell Hede (Zamaro), St.Sebastian (Fucking Beautiful) and Giusy (Phebus) pooled their strengths and put the band Dogs Bollocks together. After many a blinding concert they recorded their first album in 2008. „Smokin“ came out at the beginning of 2009. They toured the album without let up and without any concessions to health and safety for the rest of the year and unfortunately it took it’s toll. Read on and you will find out..... DOGS BOLLOCKS MARK II By the end of 2009 Dogs Bollocks were flying high and tighter and meaner than ever, gigs had become rituals, experiences between madness and the sublime, and they had already amassed a whole armada of new songs that would put the old ones to shame. The Dogs were planning to go into the studio around april, when in january Giusy their tiny but mighty singer extraordinare announced that he was going to leave the band! But what was the band’s reaction, did they mope around licking their wounds and sink their sorrows in bottles of poison, or throw in the towel and run back to mama? Did they fuck, good friends, did they fuck! No, the mighty Dogs Bollocks battleship is not so easily sunk. After a long search for the perfect frontman Hell Hede, Kid Krystal and St. Sebastian eventually found Matt Reya. In april he came down to the dungeon for the first time and sang his heart out! And instantly the the three remaining Dogs Bollocks were hooked. Man what a voice, a big old mountain of a voice, a voice that could make the wolfs fear the night. The band knew they had a loose canon on their hands, when they played the first two shows and Mr. Reya completely blew the audience to smithereens. In November 2010 the new Dogs Bollocks entered Deezl’s studio in Luzern with 15 of their finest songs and layed down the basics in a few days. The new album will be in the shops around march/april 2011. So watch this space and get prepared to be blown away.

a lot of ...

... the dogs bollocks ...

SUN - Bassamps

TAMA - Drums

EVANS - Drumheads

PAISTE - Cymbals

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From: profilaxia
03/03/2011 22:44:26
Decent stuff guys!

From: portucaos
02/27/2011 21:11:39
The dogs bollocks indeed lads!

12/12/2009 11:54:01

Thanks for the add and that I can follow ya in here

… I like this link on Facebook …

11/28/2009 20:28:40
oi oi...decent noise people...ACT,RESIST N FIGHT!!

07/28/2009 16:00:05

Music lover from Denmark says

- thanks for adding Me

see also :

Reverbnation, Purevolume, Soundclick, Garageband etc. … …

RIP King DJ Peel

- forever the King

07/28/2009 09:53:39
vielmahls danke fürs add sagt mvl, dänemark / maidavalelover = loves great music and peel sessions from maida studio

From: stench
07/22/2009 06:48:03
cheers for the add guys, down loaded your dogs bollocks [demo] for my bro to have a listen! always said that was a great name for a band, but nobody would belived me!!!...sigh!!!

09/23/2008 02:33:29

Cheers guys,

How's it going in your part of the world?